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Alkaline Ionized Water

Alkaline Ionized Water, also called Kangen water, is an effective solution to returning the body to a state of balance and optimum health. In fact, there may be nothing that has as great an impact on your life as good ionized alkaline water - so why is it so hard to find!? Very few health stores supply ionized water, but luckily you can produce it yourself with a countertop water ionizer.

Reverse osmosis makes water acidic and depletes it of all its minerals, Filtration is only able to remove solids, Well water is now contaminated from dumping waste into our rivers, streams and ground. Distilled water is devoid of all minerals, and tap water is usually far from pure and tends to be acidic. Bottled water is not controlled any more than tap water and is usually just filtered tap water or bottled spring water. None of these sources have a pH high enough to alkalize your body, and all have positive instead of negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) values. Negative ORP protects your cells from oxidation by acting as a free radical scavanger. Positive ORP actually adds to oxidative damage. Buying bottled water is simply a waste of money, and putting a filter on your tap water will do as good a job.

  • Alkaline Ionized water helps reduce excess acidity and balance body pH. By neutralizing harmful acid wastes in the body, they are able to safely eliminated through the kidneys and bowels, instead of being stored in your organs, fat cells, and joints.

  • The electrolysis process used to create ionized water reduces the water molecule cluster size from 13-14 molecules down to just 5-7. Smaller clusters are able to more easily permeate the body's cells and detoxify them. Smaller cluster size provides better hydration and increased nutrient delivery and elimination of acidic wastes. *Note: You should take vitamin and mineral supplements with Ionized Water, but use neutral purified water to take medications, as the alkaline water may cause more of the drug to be absorbed than intended.

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